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R-Studio Project Examples 
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Big Data 665 Final Report - Click on Photo

My teammate and I looked at all 2023 Gas Vehicles to see the most significant contributing factors to C02 emissions.

Data Processing


Here, I trained A.I. with different basic models


Simple Data Analysis and LR with R-Studio

Here, I am breaking the data down to find the variables contributing to a Linear Model to compute a formula in a mathematical statical analysis. 


Association Rules in R

Here we can use R-Studio to analyze the data.  Example in Gradient Decent and Association Rules

Data Analyst

Decision Tree, Naive Bayesian and K-means clustering

Having a decision tree to drill down and see where your data lays.  Followed up with Naive Bayesian and K-means Clustering.

Data Technology

Basic Data Charts

Here are just a few chart and coding examples for basic data visualization 

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