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Business Introduction

Experience the Future of Analytics with Tableau

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Top N Parameter, Field Swap Parameter
(Scatter and Butterfly Charts)

Here, I can visualize the pareto chart, making it easy to spot your 80/20 rule. Interactive scatter plots and Top N. 

Business Meeting

Midterm with 10 different charts

This was my midterm I have all kinds of charts, including dashboards, dynamic titles, and up to 10 different charts.

Analyzing the data

Another Python Example

Just a basic demo of Python in Google Colab

Data Analyst

Small Charts, Line, Area, Pie, and Deviation

Looking at Avg BMI Deviation by Race/Ethnicity and Gender given by Age

Analysing data

Some Data Code and Visualization in Python

Here is a code for Google Colab and Python doing business analytics and visualization 

Bar Chart

Filled Map, Symbol, Dual Layer, Donut, Dashboard

Here are a few more interactive charts.  A dashboard.  Symbol map, filled map, Pareto Chart, Dual Line Chart, Dynamic Title and Story

Collating Data

Strip Plot, Box and Whisker, Tooltip, and Bullet

Correlation of Clinic Patients' Body Mass Index (BMI)  and Systolic Blood Pressure to predict not obese vs obese

Digital Work Life

Text Table, Hoz  Bar, Side by Side, Stacked Bar

Here we are looking at the Rate of Patient Falls (per 1,000 Patient Days) with and without injury by Type of Adult Care Unit for FY 2019

Data Processing
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